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Check out the TikTok Art History Faces Chart Trend’s Technology 2022

Here’s how to complete the “Art History Faces Chart” Challenge, the newest viral TikTok trend.

The Celebrity Look-Alike Filter, a viral effect that turns you into a celebrity, is one of TikTok’s most well-known challenges.

The most recent challenge is somewhat comparable, except this one makes use of an art history faces chart rather than celebrities.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to try the new trend.

Who Are the Art History Faces Chart Competitors?

The “Art History Faces Chart” Challenge has been dominating TikTok for the past few days.

A grid of 18 faces from various eras of art history is used in the trend. Pop art, surrealism, and art nouveau are a few of them.

You must apply a certain TikTok filter to determine which art history face you most closely resemble in order to complete the challenge.

There Are 36 Averaged Faces From More Than 18,000 Portraits in the Tiktok Art History Chart.

Aleksey Tikhonov, a data analyst, created the graph and explained how the averaged photos were made in a 2020 Medium post. Approximately 18,500 portraits from the Painter by Numbers dataset of paintings were the first thing Aleksey said he did.

Nevertheless, he continued, “my attempts to generate average faces by creative style without further data cleansing yielded weird sexless faces.” “As a result, I had to separate these portraits into groups, male, female, child, and other portraits. The “other” portraits were ones in which I was unable to identify the gender of the subject, such as several Cubist works.

Does It Require Any Arts Degree To Know The Difference?

Do not be alarmed if you are unfamiliar with certain styles, such as if you cannot tell Nouveau from Neoclassicism. Many of the art movements shown in the chart are described in an Artland article. In order to create drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur, the Baroque movement “emphasizes dramatic, exaggerated motion and clear, readily interpreted, detail,” according to Artland.

Meanwhile, according to the website, impressionist painters “attempted to properly and objectively document visual ‘impressions’ by utilizing small, thin, visible brushstrokes that combine to form a single image and emphasize movement and the changing properties of light.” Additionally, Post-Impressionists “created an own, distinctive style while being united by their concern in conveying their emotional and psychological reactions to the world through strong colors and expressive, frequently symbolic imagery.”Art History Faces ChartArt History Faces Chart

The “Art History Faces Chart” Trend: How to Do It

  • You must first go to Google Images and enter “art history faces chart.” Find the TikTok chart that everyone is using and save it to your camera roll. It should be the first image.
  • Then, open TikTok and look under the “discover” option for “art history faces chart” to see if anyone else has followed the pattern.
  • When you click on their video, the filters they used—”shifting” and “green screen”—will be listed above their username. So that you can readily access them, save these to your saved filters.
  • Start your TikTok video recording now, and while it is recording, use the “green screen” effect to add the faces chart image that you previously saved to your camera roll on the screen.
  • Use the “shifting” filter now to see what period in art history your face transforms into.
    Remember to include the appropriate music as well. The track is referred to as “Arabesque – Debussy.”

Tiktok is Crazy About Art History.

There are other trends in art history that are currently dominating TikTok in addition to the faces chart.

In fact, there is a whole TikTok genre devoted to art history, among the dog movies, dance contests, and food hacks.

Search “art history” under the “Discover” option if you’re interested in learning more.

Then, a plethora of different videos on art history will be presented to you.

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