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Alina Orlova—what Happened? Sadistic Killer’s Dogs and Pets in Custody!

Khabarovsk residents are in shock after seeing graphic photos of abused animals and dogs on social media. Animals were killed by being beaten. A bat was used to hit them before they were shackled, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out, and hung.

Dvach, an anonymous online community, has claimed that two females from Khabarovsk were responsible for the abuse. The female students, ages 21 and 17, were accused of plotting to steal and murder animals from a shelter in a private discussion that was made public.

Teenagers lina Orlova and Alyona Savchenko were convicted guilty of animal cruelty and given jail terms.

Where Is Alina Orlova Now?

In 2022, nobody knows where Alina Orlova is. She and her companion Alyona Savchenko were both sentenced to four years in jail in 2017.

Nothing can be discovered online concerning Alina’s location at this time. It’s conceivable that her sentence was reduced, but it might have been made much worse as well.

A different moniker for the two women has been “Khabarovsk Slaughterers,” coined by the media. A court in Russia sentenced them to jail time after they filmed a video in which they portrayed themselves assaulting and murdering animals.

These “sadistic” teenagers reportedly took the animals to derelict structures where they shot them with airguns, trampled them, and tore out their eyes. The kids were reportedly apprehended, at least according to Russian media.Alina Orlva

What Happened to the Man Who Killed All Those Dogs, Alina Orlova?

Nothing has been said about whether or not the lady who killed dogs and other creatures is still in detention.

The two people made a video of themselves assaulting 15 animals in 2016 while they were still considered minors. By 2016, law authorities had identified the people responsible for posting the unsettling films on YouTube.

After a nearly five-month long private trial, the court sentenced her to three years and ten days in jail, while her close friend Alyona Savchenko was given a term of four years and three months.

It was discovered that the two had committed other crimes over the course of the inquiry. Theft, acts of hostility, and animal cruelty were among the offences committed.

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Looking into Alina Orlova’s Background on Wikipedia

A four-year jail term was handed down to both Alina Orlova and her companion Alyona Savchenko. The male accomplice who filmed the recordings was also convicted and sentenced to three years in jail.

This judgement is surprising since there is a widespread misconception that animal cruelty is tolerated in Russia. The female’s extended relatives also received consequences for their “inadequate kid raising.”

They are accused of stealing pups from people who were attempting to find them new homes. Then the pets would be killed in a very gruesome manner.

Her father is a colonel in the United States Air Force, and Alina is his daughter. She fought back, saying she hadn’t been unkind to the animals and that someone was attempting to frame her.

Her mom, on the other hand, steadfastly denied any involvement. Alina accused her trusted companion Alyona of manipulating the images in order to implicate her. In reality, she said they hadn’t spoken to Alyona in a very long time.

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