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Wockhardt launches new insulin Glaritus in India

Mumbai, February 10, 2009

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology major Wockhardt has announced the launch of its new insulin (Glaritus), a recombinant long acting human insulin analogue. Wockhardt is only the 1st company in the world after the innovator to launch this new insulin (Glaritus) that works slowly for over 24 hours. Currently, the worldwide market for this insulin (Glargine) is $2 billion. As per ORG IMS, the current market for analogues in India is Rs. 120 crores growing at 37% per annum. This new insulin (Glaritus) has been successfully clinically tested on 300 diabetic patients for safety & efficacy parameters and is approved by the Drug Controller General of India.

 “Back in 2003, when I promised that we would launch Glaritus, the world’s most advanced insulin, there was disbelief all around. Today, the world will look at India in admiration. The nation’s biotechnology prowess would once again be a global talking point,” said Wockhardt Chairman Habil Khorakiwala. “Wockhardt becomes the first company in the biotechnology space to move from simple biologicals to complex biologicals with vast experience in both, E.coli and Yeast platforms,” he further added.

The launch of Glaritus is a significant landmark for India, which has one of the highest diabetes affected populations in the world. The advantage of Glaritus is that it is a once daily dose and provides basal glucose control over 24 hours. Glaritus can hence be easily combined with other oral medications of diabetes for effective  blood glucose control. Moreover, Glaritus is meal independent, peakless insulin, which reduces incidences of hypoglycemia significantly. All this translates into more compliance to insulin therapy, improved blood glucose control and therefore slower progression of diabetes related complications.

Glaritus is available to the patients as reusable and disposable pen delivery devices. Wockhardt is one of the few select companies in the world to patent the technology of pen based insulin delivery devices, which is one of the most preferred modes of insulin injection across the globe today. Wockhardt insulin pen devices are ISO 11608 approved and have won the IndiaStar, AsiaStar and the WorldStar awards for excellence in packaging technology for 2008. Glaritus is manufactured at Wockhardt’s state-of-the-art biotech park in Aurangabad.

Wockhardt, over the recent years has built a comprehensive diabetes management portfolio that includes insulins, oral medications, blood glucose monitors & diabetes nutrition products.

Wockhardt is a technology-driven global pharmaceutical and biotechnology major with an innovative multi-disciplinary research and development programme. It has 5 research centres and 15 world-class manufacturing plants dotting various countries and continents that are compliant to international regulatory standards such as the US FDA, MHRA or other global regulatory bodies. It has end-to-end integrated capabilities for its products, starting with manufacture of the oral and sterile API’s, the dosage forms and marketing through its wholly owned subsidiary in the US. Wockhardt has a global footprint including the USA, UK, Ireland, France, and Germany with a multi-ethnic workforce from 14 different nationalities.

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