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10 Tech Predictions For The Near Future | Belsky Positive Slope

In what ways will work and living evolve in the next five years? Every year, when I synthesise the patterns I’m seeing in technology and culture, I set myself the challenge of thinking about this topic. I’m publishing these as a method to connect more dots, meet more entrepreneurs, find like-minded thinking for some of the work we’re doing at Adobe, and get feedback on how to improve these concepts.

Some of the companies I discuss in these themes are in my portfolio or are part of my work producing products for the creative sector, which is no surprise. However, rather than sharing apparent trends and winners, I’ve challenged myself to present ideas that are still on the verge of breaking out.

Technology forecast for the near future: Favorites will be eliminated by AI-driven recommendations, users will opt-in to tailored adverts, top talent will have many occupations, and so on.– In the next five years, how will work and living alter materially? Every year, I challenge myself to consider this question…

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The Following Are The Top 10 Candidates Who Made The Cut:

  • Recommendations are lethal. Favorites: AI-powered recommendations go beyond our traditional go-tos.
  • “Polygamous Careers” will be the norm for the next generation of elite individuals, altering the business world as we know it.
  • Immersive experiences are becoming more popular, and 3D development will become more commonplace as a result.
  • “The Stakeholder Economy” will re-energize new brands and small enterprises while also posing the greatest threat to internet behemoths and global markets.
  • We’ll all start opting in to receive advertisements [read: tailored experiences].
    As A Service, “F’ The Man, Power To The People”
  • Every aspect of the business will be transformed into a multi-player, completely immersive experience.
  • The next generation will adore having a nomadic decade of life and work.
  • Small business development and resiliency will be fueled by the reverse franchise model and “eduployment.”
  • We Discover, Embrace, and Express Our Multiple Selves in the Era of Multiple Identities.

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